Child Safe Screwless Wall Plate and Tamper Resistant Receptacle Product Review

I was very excited when I was given the opportunity to review these two wonderful products by Enerlites. If you have ever been around children from the crawling stage all the way up to age 9, you know just how inquisitive they can be with the world around them. Not only will a toddler try to stick items in a wall outlet, but even children at the age of 9 have been known to remove those plastic covers we all use to keep our children safe. As a matter of fact, I know of one daycare a few years back, that only served finger foods at lunch and snack time, including green beans, so they did not have to give out utensils as some of the curious children had run off with forks from the table.

With that being said, let’s start with the Screwless Decorator Wall Plate kit by Enerlites SI8831-W Child Safe Cover Plate, 1-Gang Standard Size, White, 10 Pack – Compatible with Rocker/GFCI/Paddle Outlet Receptacles, Unbreakable PC Material. These wall plates are actually unbreakable and are very attractive. The material used in the development of the plates is polycarbonate which ensures high-quality impact resistance and unbreakable. These plates are compatible with Rocker/GFCI/Paddle Outlet Receptacles and come in the standard size of 5 x 3.6 x 3.3 inches with a thickness of 0.22 inches. Colors available include black, light almond, and gloss white.

The wall plates can easily be used to replace those ugly screw type switches and outlets including double switches, single switches, GFCI outlets, timers, sensors, and dimmers.

Installation of the plates is a snap! First, you must remove your old plates. Open your new wall plates and pull the sub wall plate away from the cover. Now, just place the sub wall plate in place over the receptacle and then snap the screwless cover in place. Done!


Of course, the wall plate alone will not stop your child from putting things into the outlet, but it is very decorative and is unbreakable so you never have to worry about cracks and sharp edges that could easily harm your little one that holds onto the wall to stand up. Every package of the screwless child safe wall plates comes complete with 10 sub-plates and covers along with the screws needed for installation. Whether you wish to make your entire home safe, the nursery, or your daycare, you can receive 15% off your order by mentioning 62X4PI34 for all Amazon shoppers. The offer is valid beginning July 1, 2017, and ends on July 15, 2017.

The Enerlites 61501-TR Tamper Resistant Decorator Self-Grounding Receptacle is truly revolutionary. This gadget truly grabbed my attention as I know more than one child that has put an object in an outlet. As parents, we want to ensure the safety of our little ones and do all the necessary things to “baby proof” our homes. Normally, we just use those plastic inserts that you place into the outlets, however, these will not stop a curious child. They are very easy to remove and a huge hassle for parents. With the self-grounding receptacle, you will have no worries at all.

The receptacle has a shutter mechanism built in that does not allow any object to be inserted except for power plugs. So, what this means is that you can stick any object in the outlet and no electricity will go to the object unless the object placed in the outlet is a power plug.


The receptacle is created from thermoplastic that will ensure it last a very long time and offers a shallow body for easy wiring in a junction box. If you have a junction box the receptacle is quite easy to install as it has a self-grounding clip that will automatic ground the receptacle. If you do not have a grounded junction box or you do not know anything about wiring, then you should hire a professional electrician to install your new receptacles. If you are going to do it yourself, then you need to know how to wire the receptacle using the green grounding screw. Ensure you turn off the electricity to your home in the breaker box before you install. However, if you are not an electrician, it would be in your best interest to have the new receptacles installed by a professional.


With the washer-type break-off plaster ears, it makes it easy to install securely in any type of outlet, so the child safe receptacle is perfect for both commercial buildings and homes while preventing floating installations. Comes in matching colors to compliment the wall plates which are glossy white, light almond, and black. The dimensions of the receptacle are 8.1 x 4.3 x 2.6 inches with a thickness of 0.96 inches. The voltage is 120 volts and the wattage is 1800 watts. The package comes complete with 10 receptacles and all screws needed for installation. There is a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty in case of any defects. The good news is that for all Amazon shopper’s you can receive a 15% discount by using the coupon code 62X4PI34 which is valid from July 1st to the 15th, 2017.

In my opinion, both the Child Safe Screwless Wall Plate and the Tamper Resistant Receptacle should be installed in all homes as a safety precaution. The same goes for any facility that works with children including daycares, schools, clinics, etc… These are products well worth the money that will help provide our children with a safe environment.

On the Road to Divorce: Can Therapy Help?

In the United States, it is estimated that around 40% to 50% of marriages end in divorce. There are many different factors that lead to divorce especially if the couple does not seek counseling. The main reasons cited for the cause of divorce includes lack of commitment, infidelity, communication problems, emotional and physical abuse, not being prepared for married life, and money problems.

Can counseling help stop divorce? The answer varies according to if the couple wants to save their marriage and just how bad their marriage is in trouble. One couple may have excellent results while another counseling can make matters worse.

As reported by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, 98% of individuals stated that they did receive good or excellent results, 97% reported they did receive help, and 93% stated they received the tools needed to deal with issues in their marriage.

According to research, couples that seek divorce counseling have a better chance of saving their marriage than if only one person attends. As a matter of fact, family therapy is faster when it comes to seeing results than if one person is trying on their own to save their marriage. When both partners want the marriage to hold together and seek therapy, the results are usually better and faster.

Since every person is different, there is not just one fit when it comes to divorce counseling. One of the most popular therapy options is known as Emotionally Focused Therapy which helps couples reorganize and understand the way in which they respond to things. Counselors help couples by using their emotional cycles so they learn more about one another and help them in creating emotional cycles that interact well instead of being explosive. Around 73% of couples have had great success with this type of therapy and begin to recover as well as does their marriage.

The main thing to remember is that it is important to seek a divorce or marriage counselor before your marriage has hit rock bottom. The sooner you work together as a couple to resolve any issues in your marriage the better chances you will have to steer clear of divorce. Some couples may decide to receive premarital counseling to ensure they begin their marriage on the right foot instead of entering a life together without being prepared to share their life with another person.

If either of you has given up on the marriage, then no amount of counseling will help save your marriage. However, divorce counseling can help you learn to live on your own and cope with the issues that arise during the divorce. When children are involved it may even be more important to seek therapy so you can hold onto the relationship you have with your kids.

Whether you wish to save your marriage or you know it is over, contacting a Lowell Arkansas therapist can help you cope with the problems and learn how to live life to the fullest.

Importance of Taxation Employees in Today’s Growing Economy

Today, in the even changing world of taxation has allowed organizations and businesses to hire skilled professionals at competent wages. You can also be one of them and the path to success is not at all difficult, LLM tax programs are specifically designed to ensure that you get a high-quality taxation degree without as much effort as attending an offline university. Even if we talk about tax as a subject there are several advantages associated that are associated with different courses. Among them are the classification of taxes to their advantages and disadvantages, you will be able to learn everything needed to become a professional. Taxation programs allow you to get the best degree that is respectable and has high-quality worth. There are certain features of the degree that you should understand.

  1. Learning taxation related issues

You can learn taxation related issues with a state of the art curriculum. It is a fact that remote learning is powerful when compared to one that is face to face. It is; therefore, one of the best ways to ensure that you get the best outcome with the help of the professional training that has been provided. The degree provided by these universities, in this regard, is not just a piece of paper. It is a complete set of concepts that has been provided to the students holding the degree. It has also been observed that students have greater potential when compared to the knowledge and experience of offline students.

  1. Awareness creation

Awareness creation is also part of the program which allows you to gauge the taxation system from a different angle. The awareness that a certain sum of money is being given to the government so something in return should also be given is created. You not only feel yourself socially responsible but with this degree, you can find yourself in a management position of any company with ease.

  1. Keep pace with the changing environment

It is important to know that the world of taxation is not static. With every passing day, new laws and strategies are implemented by the governments globally. It means that you need to keep pace with this escalating environment. The taxation faculty ensures that the syllabus remains up to date so that you learn the latest trends. The ever changing world of taxation is too vast and therefore it is only the degree that gets the work done for you easily and at your own pace.

  1. Catering the issues with ease

It is one of the best advantages that are only provided by the faculty at these colleges. The degree program has been designed to ensure that you obtain the practical way to solve the tax related queries with ease. Practical training is one of the most frequent learning tips applied.

What is Paranoid Schizophrenia?

Paranoid schizophrenia is considered the most common form. Those suffering from this subtype of schizophrenia have hallucinations in the way of voices and delusions. These delusions are often centered on the thought that others are plotting against them or wanting to kill them. The voices heard say ugly things, cuss at them, and make life very hard.

Paranoid schizophrenia can be treated with antipsychotic medicine with patients responding very well. Even though those with this type of schizophrenia have these symptoms, they may seem to be normal.

After receiving treatment, patients can lead normal lives without seeing any decline in mental functioning as with other subtypes. As a matter of fact, mental functioning is often increased. Those suffering from paranoid schizophrenia have a better chance of leading a normal life once the treatments are properly treated through counseling and medication.

Main Symptoms

The main symptoms found with this subtype are hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia.

Delusions are thoughts that the person believes to be real even when they have proof the thoughts have no concrete reasoning. These thoughts are due to anxiety and fear. These ideas can make you believe that someone is poisoning your food, your spouse is having an affair, the police are spying on you, or the entire community is plotting against you.

Due to these symptoms, it can cause problems with sustaining relationships, going outside, or staying at home alone.

Individuals suffering from schizophrenia are not violent in nature, but due to the delusions that can feel angry and threatened. When they are at their limit, they normally lash out on family instead of in public.

Along with the ideas, those with paranoid schizophrenia also suffer from hearing voices that make fun of them, curses them, and can go as far as telling them to cause harm. In some cases, they can even see things that are not there.


Counseling is very important to help you after the symptoms are under control and during the time you are working with a medication manager to discover the correct medication that will work to help you control the symptoms.

A Bentonville Arkansas therapist with experience for those with paranoid schizophrenia can help someone with this subtype make friends, stay on top of personal hygiene, attend school, and stay employed.

Individuals that seek therapy normally stay on their medications. In most cases, the type of counseling will be chosen by your therapist. The most common used is cognitive behavioral therapy as it will help individuals manage their symptoms. The symptoms will never go away so learning how to tell if the delusions are real or they are only in your head is very important.

The family should also receive counseling to learn how to help encourage and support the family member that has paranoid schizophrenia. Once the family recognizes the issue and how to help, they will be a major asset in your everyday life to help you keep the symptoms at bay along with counseling.

What is ICQ?

ICQ was developed by Mirabilis an Israeli company that is an open source messaging program that is instant chat in real time, created in 1996. The name itself are the initials which stand for I Seek You. The ownership of this instant messaging program was given ownership in 1998 to AOL and in 2010 to Mail.Ru Group.
The program was first made available in November of 1996 and was completely free for download. Any user that registered for an account was given their number which was very similar to a telephone number so others could contact them. This program was the very first program that made available as a stand-alone instant messaging system as well as the first online messaging service that offered chat in real time. It may not have been the first one to hit the net as that was IRC but this program provided a better one on one conversation system which was the beginning for other such programs similar to AIM as well as the foundation for many social media apps around today.
ICQ had around 100 million accounts in 2001; however, when it was taken over by Mail.Ru the user accounts had dropped to 42 million in 2010. By 2013, the users have decreased to around 11 million.
Features of OCQ
• Multi-user chats
• Offline messaging
• Free SMS sending with a daily limit
• Greeting cards
• Resumable file transfers
• Searchable database of users, and multiplayer games
• Emoticons are also allowed in live chat
Today, ICQ6 is available which was announced and available in 2007 offering a single platform for communication that offered other options that many users were happy to see including free SMS from ICQ to cell phones, instant messenger services, video communications, and voice communications. The unique brand new sound gallery was created by Infected Mushroom an Israeli psychedelic duo.

Online Reputation Management Advice All Entrepreneurs Should Know

Too many entrepreneurs often give up shortly after beginning as they do not know how to build their reputation online or are placing their reputation farther down the line than their search engine optimization management. In order to become a great entrepreneur, there are many things to learn and at the top of the list is online reputation management. This one topic alone should never be left out of a conversation when you are building your company or fighting your competition.

Today’s technologies have given consumers several different ways in which to provide their own opinion on products and brands, even from their cellphones. For any entrepreneur that is not paying close attention to their online reputation can and will lose money and possibly go bankrupt.

Okay, there are the basics that every entrepreneur needs to know so they can also be involved in branding the business and require the best reputation. This is no longer left to the PR or marketing department.

Basic Knowledge Needed

As a business owner, you may be very excited that you can find your keywords along with your business somewhere in the first three search results on any given search is enough. But, do you really believe that is going to be enough to keep your reputation up and going? Even though you have done your homework and you are at the top of the search engines, consumers when they click your link want information. This means they need to feel socially connected and honestly, if you are only in one of the top ten positions in search results, your competition is also there. You also need more than just a few words of content on your website and you need to have traffic driven to your website.

How does this occur?

This is easier than you might believe as long as you are providing quality content, you will start receiving positive reviews on other websites, find customer testimonials, and grab media attention. This is how today’s consumer’s make decisions on the products or services they will purchase.

Hopefully, you have not hit the net going strong yet, as you do need some advertising prior to launching your website. When you are planning the name of your company, there are specific things that need to be done in order to get all ten spots on search engines and this must be considered before you launch your website, so you will have a much better chance of grabbing all ten spots. The name you choose for your business or company should convey something that will introduce your business but also grab attention at the same time. If you cannot take control of the search engines early in the game, you may not have the opportunity to even start working on your reputation. It is always best to do your homework for your business name so you can ensure that you will be in total control of your brand as well as ensure that there is no negative reputation applied to the name you choose.

Ask for Help to Ensure your Brand becomes #1

Today, there are all kinds of reputation management software programs available that can ensure you understand just where you stand such as RepRevive. Whether you decide to bring in an expert or use a program, you should not be worried about asking for help. When a visitor sees your website for the very first time, you need to ensure that the information, the brand, and even your logo will stay with them for a very long time. Of course, this goes along with search engine optimization, publishing your content on the best websites, and using social media outlets to get your brand on the tongues of those that use Twitter, Facebook, and other social hangouts. Asking for help on these issues is not a failure but is actually a very smart move.

Oh No! An employee found a negative remark!

Do not worry, there are things that can be done to undo this atrocity. The very first thing you need to do is publish quality positive information about your brand or business. You will, of course, need to get started at once and yes, include all those social media outlets. Once there is a negative remark, you begin to drop in the search engines, which is something you do not want to do, but it does not mean that it will cause you as much damage as you might believe as long as you get to work on correcting this negative reputation. Just dropping down a bit in the search engine is not the end of the world as you can quickly fix this problem and obtain all those spots again.

The problem is that negativity never goes away, but can be pushed down the page. The best way to ensure that you do not get negative remarks is to work on preventing the problem in the first place. But, of course, one bad remark will not completely destroy your brand, but you should be prepared to work on getting that reputation back up where it belongs.

Keeping an Eye on Top Executives

This may be hard to believe, but just about everyone is involved in some type of social media outlet. The reputation of your top executives in some cases, even some of your employees can mar the name of your brand. When someone is looking for a company to work with on any type of project, they are not just going to look up just your company’s reputation, read reviews on your business, and learn as much as they can about your brand, but they are also going to do their best to learn about the people in charge. This means that once their social media outlet has been found, whatever they put on that page will go hand and hand with your company. Your executives need to have a clean record across all media outlets and get as many good reviews on themselves as possible. Make friends with the right people and show they are loyal to your brand as well as are knowledgeable of the brand or service.