What is Paranoid Schizophrenia?

Paranoid schizophrenia is considered the most common form. Those suffering from this subtype of schizophrenia have hallucinations in the way of voices and delusions. These delusions are often centered on the thought that others are plotting against them or wanting to kill them. The voices heard say ugly things, cuss at them, and make life very hard.

Paranoid schizophrenia can be treated with antipsychotic medicine with patients responding very well. Even though those with this type of schizophrenia have these symptoms, they may seem to be normal.

After receiving treatment, patients can lead normal lives without seeing any decline in mental functioning as with other subtypes. As a matter of fact, mental functioning is often increased. Those suffering from paranoid schizophrenia have a better chance of leading a normal life once the treatments are properly treated through counseling and medication.

Main Symptoms

The main symptoms found with this subtype are hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia.

Delusions are thoughts that the person believes to be real even when they have proof the thoughts have no concrete reasoning. These thoughts are due to anxiety and fear. These ideas can make you believe that someone is poisoning your food, your spouse is having an affair, the police are spying on you, or the entire community is plotting against you.

Due to these symptoms, it can cause problems with sustaining relationships, going outside, or staying at home alone.

Individuals suffering from schizophrenia are not violent in nature, but due to the delusions that can feel angry and threatened. When they are at their limit, they normally lash out on family instead of in public.

Along with the ideas, those with paranoid schizophrenia also suffer from hearing voices that make fun of them, curses them, and can go as far as telling them to cause harm. In some cases, they can even see things that are not there.


Counseling is very important to help you after the symptoms are under control and during the time you are working with a medication manager to discover the correct medication that will work to help you control the symptoms.

A Bentonville Arkansas therapist with experience for those with paranoid schizophrenia can help someone with this subtype make friends, stay on top of personal hygiene, attend school, and stay employed.

Individuals that seek therapy normally stay on their medications. In most cases, the type of counseling will be chosen by your therapist. The most common used is cognitive behavioral therapy as it will help individuals manage their symptoms. The symptoms will never go away so learning how to tell if the delusions are real or they are only in your head is very important.

The family should also receive counseling to learn how to help encourage and support the family member that has paranoid schizophrenia. Once the family recognizes the issue and how to help, they will be a major asset in your everyday life to help you keep the symptoms at bay along with counseling.